Episode 9

Melissa Marshall is proud to present the newest addition to the No You Cant'cer Foundation, Melissa Marshall's Bag of Tricks and Ostomy Tips! Every Tuesday, Melissa will be back to introduce you to an all-new ostomy product, or accessory, and tell you where to get it. She will highlight products you may already have, some imported from other countries, and a few little items that you may have never thought to include in your own ostomy regimen.

Melissa starts out by showing you a normal outing with her granddaughter in the historic town of Smithville in southern New Jersey. They run, play, shop, and Melissa has no problem carrying her around! They also stop into Trendie Treasures, our first retail location, where you can buy all of our No You Cant'cer necklaces. The pair also go into its sister store, Fairest of Them All, which specializes in organic and natural products! We're opening our doors to new retail locations, as we begin planning an expansion to our necklace line, so if you're interested in carrying some beautiful jewelry with a message, please let us know!

Before heading home, Melissa takes her granddaughter to the playground where they slide, swing, and play without any issues. She proves that you don't have to stop living when you have an ostomy! Your ostomy is allowing you to live and thrive. Melissa will say that her Old Navy high waisted leggings certainly help when she's running after the toddler. They keep her bag tight against her body and smooth from bumps they can cause.

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