Episode Eight and Giveaway

Melissa Marshall is proud to present the newest addition to the No You Cant'cer Foundation, Melissa Marshall's Bag of Tricks and Ostomy Tips! Every Tuesday, Melissa will be back to introduce you to an all-new ostomy product, or accessory, and tell you where to get it. She will highlight products you may already have, some imported from other countries, and a few little items that you may have never thought to include in your own ostomy regimen. 

In this weeks episode, Melissa begins by unboxing her Survivor Chest. The Survivor Chest is a carefully cultivated subscription box that caters to cancer fighters and survivors. It holds many natural and inspirational products that could make someone's day a bit brighter. It was created by two sisters named Lexie and Cassie, in honor of their late mother Pam, a brave cancer warrior who dreamed of opening a wellness center for women with cancer. While she passed before making her dream a reality, her daughters are slowly raising money, shaving 10% of all Survivor Chest proceeds towards Pam's wellness center.

Melissa's contained a coloring book with pencils, organic towelettes, body lotion, a fragrant candle, a lovely scarf, and some ginger tea, which is perfect for post treatment nausea. There are no toxins in these products, which vary from month to month, and have all be cancer warrior approved, making them a perfect give of caring to share with your loved ones. 

There are three packages on the Survivor Chest website HERE that vary from $40 to $60 in price; the Warrior Chest, the Survivor Chest, and the Goddess Chest. They also collect Donation Chest, which they deliver quarterly to local cancer treatment centers. for only $30, you can make sure one brave woman gets a special something during her treatment. Learn how to donate HERE.

Melissa, and the No You Cant'cer Foundation, highly recommends the Survivor Chest and wishes to give a special thank you to Lexis, who has offered a Survivor Chest to one lucky winner to keep or share with someone they love. Rules and ways to enter are posted below!

Learn more about Survivor Chest, their goals, and their products HERE.
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Next, Melissa takes you into the bedroom to introduce you to the Paula panties by ANA, Alternative Adaptée Inc. ANA is a special company that caters specifically to ostomate woman to give them underwear that is functional, but also beautifully made to promote confidence. As many ostomates know, it is often difficult to find flattering panties that offer the support and coverage you need. ANA give you comfort and style with lacy lines and hidden bag pockets. If you have a Urostomy, there is even a special opening in some of their underwear that allows for bag access!

The lovely people at ANA sent Melissa the Paula underwear, which fit beautifully. They take pride in selling products that flatter and support and take pride in ensuring their sizes are accurate for all their buyers. The Paula panty has beautiful little peek-a-boo lace sides and goes up high enough to hide Melissa's ostomy bag.

This company only uses true ostomate models, showcasing the beauty of their underwear as well as normalizing the life-saving appliance. It adds a certain reliability, knowing that ANA cares so much about the quality of their products and the confidence of the ostomate models they use. It's the perfect addition to your ostomy wardrobe.

Another draw from ANA is their French and English ostomy bog, ANA and Moi. It focuses on the health issues that lead to ostomies, the procedure, the recovery, and loving your new body. It has great resources for ostomates, as well as their loved ones, and hosts many different collaborators!

Check out their website HERE
Read their blog HERE
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See their Instagram @alternativeana

The last product Melissa has too share is her personal C&S Pouch Cover! Not everyone wants to conceal their appliance every day, but also don't want to show everything off. Well, C&S Pouch Covers offers the best of both worlds. They have a wide array of bag covers in numerous colors and prints, perfect for any occasion! They sent Melissa one to match her lifestyle; a glittery black and silver bag with petite pink heels on!

The C&S pouch covers come in Quick Dry fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. So if you wear your color coordinated cover to the beach, you don't have to worry about it maintaining the moisture and irritating the area. But, it's also machine washable, so you never have to worry about your bag being ruined!There is really is a pattern and color for everyone. Some have funny phrases like "Real Men Don't Wear Gloves!" or "My Other Bag is a Gucci!" And, for the holidays and special occasions, why not get festive with birthday cakes and Easter eggs?

So show off your bag and your ostomy with pride by putting on a C&S Pouch Cover that's just right for you!

Shop the entire C&S line HERE
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The Survivor Chest Giveaway

Ways To Enter 

This Survivor Chest Giveaway and our special 10% off sale with free shipping will run through the entire month of January and we will announce the winner on a special episode of Melissa’s bag of Tricks and Ostomy Tips.This is a multiple entry giveaway and different methods get you a different amount of name entries into the drawing. If you’re already following any of the social media pages, that will count as an entry! 

Join the mailing list on the homepage –2 points 
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Share out Instagram post your Instagram. (You can do this once per day) –5 points 
Comment on this blog post, the Facebook post, an Instagram post, or through Twitter (You can do this once per day!) –3 points 

Remember, this giveaway runs for the entire month of January, as does our special 10% off and free shipping deal! And keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for additional entry chances! And be sure to visit our friends over at Survivor Chest!

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