Giveaway and Health Announcement 

Good afternoon and happy holidays!
The On the Wings of Love giveaway is now closed  and we thank everyone who has entered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our three winners are...
@Annie_1Brown on Twitter
@Moma__Bear on Instagram
@Myshkascaravan on Instagram
We will contact them via private message. If you weren't a winner, you can still purchase a No You Cant'cer necklace here!

Also, due to health issues out of Melissa's control, this week's episode of Melissa Marshall's Bad of Tricks and Ostomy tips has been cancelled. We hope to return next week with an all new episode! Thank you for your understanding.
Happy Holidays! 
Instagram @Noyoucantcerfoundation 
Email: Noyoucantcer.Melissa@aol 
Phone: (609) 464-4647

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