On the Wings of Love Giveaway 

This week, Melissa has something different than her usual ostomy tips. She is hosting the No You Cant’cer Foundation’s On the Wings of Love Butterfly Necklace Giveaway. Three winners will receive the No You Cant’cer support ribbon butterfly necklace of their choice, just in time for the holidays. The winner will be chosen on December 20th. Before we tell you how to enter, let’s look at all of the meanings for each of the five colors. 


Blue—While this originally stood as a symbol for Melissa’s own battle with colorectal cancer, it also stands for so many other things; addiction recovery, alopecia, colon cancer, rectal cancer, colitis, Krabb disease, ichthyosis, dystonia, Erb’s palsy, Usher syndrome, child abuse, ARDS, apraxia, West Nile Virus, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, foster care, Huntington’s Disease, restless leg syndrome, Pompe disease, prostate cancer, Graves syndrome, thyroid disease. 

Pink—This is the color of breast cancer, breast reconstructive surgery, birth parents, and nursing mothers. 

Teal—This stands for all gynecological cancers as well as food allergies, military sexual trauma, hepatitis B, liver cancer, marker x, knee injury awareness, agoraphobia, cervical cancer, Batten disease, Tourette’s, ovarian cancer, OCD, vulvar cancer, cervical cancer, PTSD, anxiety, renal cell carcinoma, fragile x syndrome, bone tumors, Martin-Bell syndrome, and dissociative disorders. 

Opal—This color represents bone, head, and neck cancers as well as dating violence, lung disease, mesothelioma, invisible illness, multiple sclerosis, bone cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, gay-teen suicide, eye cancer, scoliosis, right to life, PPD, osteoporosis, blindness, paralysis, and spinal cord injuries. 

Lavender—This ribbon color represents an awareness of all cancers as well as ADD, ADHD, Epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Rett syndrome, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, eating disorders, Trisomy 18, meningitis, acid reflux, neuropathy, Edward’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s colitis, testicular cancer, Lupus, cystic fibrosis, macular degeneration, March of Dimes, gynecological cancers, thyroid cancer, premature birth, IBS, small intestine cancer, and stomach cancer. 


Ways To Enter 

This giveaway will run through the next week until the new episode of Melissa’s bag of Tricks and Ostomy Tips airs on December 20th, where our three winners will be announced and notified. This is a multiple entry giveaway and different methods get you a different amount of name entries into the drawing. If you’re already following any of the social media pages, that will count as an entry! 

Join the mailing list on the homepage2 points 
Like the Facebook page –1 point 
Like this post on the Facebook page –1 point 
Share this post on your Facebook page. (You can do this once per day) –5 points 
Follow the Twitter account. –1 point 
Retweet this post on your Twitter account. (You can do this once per day) –5 points 
Follow the Instagram account (@noyoucantcerfoundation) –1point 
Like this post on Instagram (@noyoucantcerfoundation) –1 point 
Share out Instagram post your Instagram. (You can do this once per day) –5 points 
Comment on this blog post, the Facebook post, an Instagram post, or through Twitter (You can do this once per day!) –3 points 

Remember, this giveaway ends December 20th, when the three winners will be chosen. And keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for additional entry chances! Good luck and Happy Holidays! 

Instagram @Noyoucantcerfoundation  
Email: Noyoucantcer.Melissa@aol  
Phone: (609) 464-4647

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